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Item NO. : WF-D WF-HD

Commodity : High Precision Liquid Feede

Description :

Liquid metering feeder
WF-D SERIES (weight loss formula Loss In Weight)
VF-D SERIES (volumetric Volumatric)
This model is suitable for liquid metering feed, suitable for high pressure or high precision of use

Loss In Weight

Loss in weight Continuous weight feeder designed to provide uniform and stable supply and design. Once the feeder operational, the system will measure the weight of the material in the unit time to reduce the amount of the actual flow rate calculated for the material, and then according to the actual system error between the traffic flow and setting PID automatic control for the implementation of quantity, so that the actual flow rate to stabilize and even feed the purpose

Volumetric continuous feeder

This is economical metering feeder system to fix the speed, combined with precision governor, the speed of adjustment, flow requirements of reach

Liquid metering feeder

WF-D SERIES (Loss In Weight) VF-D SERIES  (Volumatric) Liquid metering machines are all customized products, depending on the materials and applications, PUMP provided also change
Please provide relevant information, such as liquid viscosity, PH value, temperature, pressure and other information work

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